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cottsdale, Arizona is located east of Phoenix and just north of Tempe. Of all cities in the Phoenix area, Scottsdale is most famous for its upscale nature. While driving through Phoenix and approaching Scottsdale, you notice a considerable difference -- shopping plazas have architectural and color schemes not seen other places and more attention is placed on landscaping. Overall, Scottsdale is the most aesthetically pleasing of the Phoenix cities.

More rustic than the Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa areas, Scottsdale is a blend of true Old West and contemporary architecture. Echoes of the past pioneering efforts reflecting subtle Western undertones and architectural styles abound. Top notch resorts, galleries, restaurants and events add credence to the forward thinking elders of this community. Scottsdale is a city that focuses on its future by remembering its roots.

Scottsdale, Arizona Weather

Scottsdale is locally known as "The Wests' Most Western Town," due to the cultural flavor of the old west that permeates its boundaries. Currently the major draw of this area is the climate, which provides a perfect environment for year round vacationers and golf addicts.

Various indigenous people have continued to draw from the land since recorded history. Water is still the area's most precious resource, and many irrigation canals can be found winding through the city that are still in use today. The founder of Scottsdale, Winfield Scott, moved to the area on the advice of his brother who had relocated with his wife to the Valley of the Sun due to health concerns. The two brothers farmed together, producing peanuts, sweet potatoes and many citrus fields of oranges. Because of this bountiful crop of citrus, the brother's first named the town Orangedale, but the name was later changed to Scottsdale in 1894.

Scottsdale boasts some of the best golf courses in the country...and year-round golf
Internationally famous as a year-round golf destination, Scottsdale boasts some of the
best golf real estate in the country

Low humidity levels and low pollen counts brought many following in Mr. Scott's footsteps, and those settlors who had allergies or other chronic ailments also found refuge here. The population grew rapidly, necessitating more services.

In 1896, the first school appeared, in the form of a one-room schoolhouse. Fewer than 2000 people lived in this farming community at that time.Soon more people began visiting and relocating to the area, enjoying the clean and abundant spaces. The first retail store offering general merchandise opened in 1897 and included a post office.

Scottsdale is home to Spring Training for several MLB teams
Scottsdale is home to several teams for spring training, ensuring a consistent supply of
baseball for much of the year

Wildlife may be found in abundance here; you will be surprised to find colorful plants and prolific animals living year around in the temperate climate. Do not be surprised to see a coyote or a quail mother with young scoot across the road. It may be the subtle continuity of the spacious vistas or the natural order of the desert wildlife that attracts many designers and artists to this area like hummingbirds to nectar. Among them have been the genius of Frank Lloyd Wright and Paolo Soleri.

Incorporated in 1951, Scottdale's popularity as a vacationing oasis has increased substantially. Catering to both leisure and business travelers, the community successfully found ways to balance both the need to preserve the past while ensuring a successful future. Ideal conditions in the area attracted Major League Baseball for spring training, including the Baltimore Orioles who played in the New Scottsdale Stadium built in 1955. This tradition is carried on today, with multiple teams, including the San Francisco Giants and Oakland A's training under Arizona's sunny skies.

Though a desert climate, Scottsdale boasts diverse wildlife
Wildlife is everywhere...including some of the more beautiful and elusive species

Signage restraints have been imposed upon the Scottsdale Business community since the 60's. The result of these restrictions are quite obvious to the visitor, open spaces are better appreciated without skyscrapers or overbearing signage to obstruct the Valley's breathtaking views.

Today, with a population exceeding 180,000, Scottsdale and the immediate surrounding area, offer more than 170 golf courses to choose from. Scottsdale hosts the Phoenix Open Golf Tournament, which remains one of the most attended tournaments worldwide. Temperate and dry area conditions are highly conducive to the sport. Golf enthusiasts gather here at many world-class facilities to hone their skills. These are among many reasons why discriminate people have decided to move to Scottsdale and build their dream home in this near-perfect Southwest setting.